Your Whole Home Color Formula

An online course designed to show you how to get cohesive flow in your home using color

Are you struggling to choose colors for your home?
Can't figure out which colors go with which?
Have you painted rooms only to hate them when they're done?

If so, you are not alone!

  • One of the most popular paint brands, Benjamin Moore, has more than 3,500 colors to choose from. That's a LOT...and they're not even the only paint brand out there.
  • White isn't even just white - it's made up of other colors and can look yellow, pink or even grey.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You run to the hardware store on the weekend and grab what you think is the perfect paint color. Only to get it up on the walls to find it looks NOTHING like what it did at the store.
  • You've painted each room a different color so they wouldn't all look the same and now your house feels chaotic.
  • OR you've painted each room the same color as the next and now your house feels super boring.
  • You chose your paint color first, and now you can't find any decor that goes with it.

If that sounds like you, I'm here to help you finally get a handle on using color well in your home

Color makes a tiny room feel larger, or a spacious one feel more intimate, without the time and expense of actually moving walls. (HGTV)

Colors have been scientifically proven to have psychological impacts on people's moods, with different colors having different effects. (

So, let's get you choosing the perfect colors for your spaces!


  • Finally having the cohesive flow you crave in your home decor. (And being so glad you finally tackled this color thing.)
  • Being able to choose paint (and decor) and KNOW that it will work because you have the perfect color plan. (And not wasting anymore time or money on colors that don't work in your home.)
  • Your whole house is coordinated and just plain lovely. (And it was so much easier than you ever imagined.)
Get Your Whole Home Color Formula for $19 Now

Ready to finally choose perfectly coordinated colors you love for your home?

Okay, so who is this chick, and why should I listen to anything she says?

I'm Shannon, wife to Dean and momma of two teenagers and a twenty year old.

I believe home is the most important place on earth and my passion is helping frustrated women who really want a lovely home go from "I don't know where to start" to "I absolutely adore my home!"

As the founder of the popular website, Home Made Lovely, and the founder of the course Decorating Uncomplicated, I’m super passionate about helping women everywhere make home into their beautiful, organized and awesome happy place!

In my own life, I’ve seen what a difference learning about colors makes in our home, and I know that Your Whole Home Color Formula will make a huge difference for you too!

My home decor advice and content has changed 1000's of homes

Yours is next

Your Whole Home Color Formula is a step-by-step online course designed to show you how to get cohesive flow in your home using color

What's Included?

Are you ready to change the way you feel in your home forever? 

The color theory essentials you need to know, boiled down into simple, understandable terms

Hacks and secret tips to finding perfectly coordinated colors for every single room in your home

Easy to use, 4 module, online course filled with 13 concise written lessons and actionable worksheets

Lifetime access, so you can choose your perfectly coordinated colors in a weekend or as your time allows

You will walk away from this course knowing:

  • How color theory works in plain, simple terms
  • How to choose paint colors that look great every single time
  • Exactly how many colors you should have in your home
  • How undertones and different lighting affect how colors look
  • How to create your own perfectly coordinated whole home color palette

Plus, you'll get these bonuses:

Color Psychology Cheat Sheet

Learn how each color affects your mood and keep that handy as you decorate with this condensed one-page cheat sheet.  

Value $19 Free!

Designer Paint Palettes

In this 14 page PDF, I'm giving you eight designer curated paint palettes, complete with paint names and sources that you can steal and use in your home! 

Value $19 Free!


I've got A's for your Q's

Q. When does Your Whole Home Color Formula start? How long do I have access to the course?

A. You will receive access to all course materials by email right after you purchase. You can get started right away and work at your own pace. You also have lifetime access.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. I understand that committing to a course is a big decision, and I want you to feel confident with your purchase. Please take the time to review all our photos and information in detail. (You use the little chat widget down in the corner or can email if you have any additional questions.)

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the course, we do NOT offer refunds. 

What makes what I teach so different and effective?

There are plenty of others out there teaching how to choose colors for your house...and kudos to them. However, most of them aren't moms, with years of experience balancing a pretty house with one that's functional and actually lived in too.

My philosophy doesn't waste time, gets right to the point and only teaches you what you absolutely need to know to choose colors for your entire home without any unnecessary fluff and nonsense.

And I promise, you don't have to love the same neutral colors as I do for Your Whole Home Color Formula to work for you!

Don't waste anymore time living in a house that is a hodge-podge of colors

Learn exactly how to choose and combine colors in your house for that cohesive flow you crave.

Just $19
That's way less than a fancy can of paint!

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