Overwhelmed by all the decorating advice out there?

Sick of wasting time and money trying to figure it out alone?

Desperately wish your home looked and felt more like 'you'?

modern country farmhouse neutral dining room

The truth is decorating doesn't have to be so darn hard. And knowing where to start shouldn't be a mystery!

The secret?
Everything hinges on your unique decorating style.

Think about it...

Defining your decorating style is the FIRST STEP in creating a beautiful home because every decorating decision you make is based on the decorating style that makes your heart go pitter-patter:

photo of modern farmhouse dining room with individual design elements like a lamp and curtains beside to show design style influences all other decor decisions
  • Paint colors
  • Patterns
  • Furniture
  • Rugs
  • Curtains
  • Art
  • Lighting

They're all based on the style you like!

BUT if you're like most mommas you probably like more than one style, and haven't been able to figure out how to make them work together, never mind how to describe them when you're shopping for decor. Throw in whatever style your hubby might like and it's a recipe for disaster!

Introducing the Find Your Style Workbook

Find Your Style Workbook

The Find Your Style Workbook is part guide and part workbook. It will help you gain clarity and confidence in your decorating and simplify all your future decorating decisions.



This is a digital PDF product. No physical product will be sent.

With the Find Your Style Workbook, here's an overview of the steps you'll get...

  • Page 5// Ready to learn the single most important question you need to ask yourself before you even begin to look at styles? It's a question no one thinks to ask but will help inform your decorating more than you can imagine.
  • Page 7// Find out if your house itself has anything to say about the styles you choose to decorate with. Nope, this isn't all weird and woo-woo. HINT: It has to do with your home's architecture.
  • Page 9// Learn how to navigate choosing decorating styles with your spouse...PEACEFULLY! Use my system to make agreeing and compromising fair and easy...so that everyone is happy!
  • Page 10// Follow the exact step-by-step process I use to define my own decorating style. This is SO good!
  • Page 12// Take your emotional temperature. I promise, it matters.
  • Page 13// Answer specific questions that all work together to hone in on your unique decorating style.
  • Page 15// Create Your Style Formula pyramid and sort your favorite styles by basic, supporting, and accents.
  • Page 16// Put together your Go-To List of Decor Elements as an easy cheat sheet for your decor that you can refer back to again and again!
  • Page 17// Refer to our 14 comprehensive style guides which include where to shop, key decor elements, and a Pinterest board full of inspiration for EACH style

How does it work?
Here's the Process:

find your style workbook on marble table


Use the step-by-step tools in the workbook to discover your top three preferred styles.

3 different rooms to illustrate different decor styles


Seamlessly combine your favorite styles (including any styles that your hubby likes).

style formula page of fys workbook on marble table with pencil


Create a plan for how & where to use your unique style in your home.

"I found my style and was able to bring our small space together by creating a cozy and inviting home."

- Danae C.

"I love your easy process to determine my style. I've also learned that ... decorating is not as complicated as it once seemed!!!"

- Sheryl R.

What's the cost of all this?

You could just keep scrolling and pinning pretty pictures, wondering why everyone else's rooms seem to flow together so nicely (and yours look like a hot mess).

Or you could finally take the RIGHT first step and get the tools you need to define your unique decorating style.

You could move beyond analysis paralysis and move towards a more lovely and beautiful home that you LOVE to be in.

Swipe the step-by-step system hundreds of mommas have used to begin to create a home they love.

Let's get you from "meh" to "I love my home!"

Your investment for the Find Your Style Workbook?

Find your style workbook shown as a spiral bound workbook to illustrate it (it is a digital download, not an actual physical product)
  • Ask the right questions and get the answers that uncover your unique style
  • Figure out how your home's architecture might play into how you decorate
  • Seamlessly mix several decorating styles together (including any your spouse may want to include)
  • Create a plan you can refer back to again and again for how and where to use your unique style in your home
  • Gain the confidence you need to make decorating so much easier!


I'm ready to get started creating a beautiful home now!

"You helped me pinpoint my style. It's keeping me focused and helping me to take the right steps to reach my goal of a beautiful, functional home."

- Sylvie M.

"You have been very helpful in just identifying my style and what I like! Thank you for your direction and inspiration!"

- Dawn G.

"My ah-ha moment was when I realized I was going about things all the wrong way. I loved the house but it didn't feel like home. Now...I am falling in love with our home all over again."

- Cheryl P.

"OK, so I did my list of elements so I could get unstuck! 🎉 :: Does mini dance of triumph::"

- Christina B.

And just who am I?

I'm Shannon, wife to Dean and momma of three teenagers. I believe home is the most important place on earth and my passion is helping frustrated women who really want a lovely home go from "I don't know where to start" to "I absolutely adore my home!"

When I first started decorating our house, all I knew about decorating was that the lamps on either side of the sofa should match.

After spending countless hours pouring over interior photos, studying all the little details of designer rooms, and playing around with the decor in every room in our house…I finally, FINALLY got our home looking and feeling the way I wanted it to.

And, once I figured it out, I mapped out the exact process I used in my signature course Decorating Uncomplicated, so I could teach others to create a home they love too! 

But if you’re not ready for the full course and just want to get a solid handle on your style, the Find Your Style Workbook is perfect for you!


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

If you choose to buy just the Find Your Style Workbook, you pay only $27 $19. You also have the opportunity to upgrade to the full Decorating Uncomplicated course, but you don't have to if you don't want to.  

How do I know it's for me?

Do you love your home? Or at least wish you did? Are you stuck on where to start? Then this is for you.  

Does it matter if I'm new to decorating?

Nope! If you're just getting started, this is the best place to start. You'll learn a lot about what you like and that will make future decor decisions so much easier.

When can I get started?

Right away! After you checkout, you will be able to access the workbook right away. In fact, we'd recommend starting as soon as possible—we won't be able to maintain the low introductory price forever.  

What are those lovely home dreams worth to you?

You've read tons of blog posts, scrolled Pinterest for hours, and haven't made any progress.

You know that home is the most important place on earth and that a beautiful home is a blessing to have and a joy to share.

And with a place to start and a plan of action, you could begin enjoying a prettier home right away.

Grab the Find Your Style Workbook and let me help you:

  • Ask the right questions to unearth your most-loved decor styles
  • Blend the styles you (and your hubby) love so they work together seamlessly
  • Create a plan for using those styles in your home in just the right combinations

Save yourself any more frustration trying to figure it out on your own.

Uncover your unique decorating style and start creating a home you'll love TODAY! 

Find Your Style Workbook


Download the Find Your Style Workbook now

This is a digital PDF product. No physical product will be sent.

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Stop scrolling, wishing for a nicer house, and start decorating.

Find Your Style Workbook

Find Your Style Workbook


  • Get a digital copy of my Find Your Style Workbook, which will show you exactly how to choose and define your unique decorating style
  • Learn how to combine a range of decorating styles (and peacefully include any styles your spouse likes as well) with my easy-to-create and follow Style Formula Pyramid
  • Best of all gain the confidence you need to make all future decorating choices with ease
Decorating Uncomplicated how to decorate course contents on screens and workbooks and guides

Decorating Uncomplicated

($288 value)

  • Includes the Find Your Style Workbook (A $19 value)
  • Plus, my best-selling, step-by-step decorating course, Decorating Uncomplicated, in audio, video, and written formats, in which you will learn how to decorate your entire home from start to finish as your time and budget allow. (A $79 value)
  • Also includes my wildly popular Style Guides, with everything you need to know about 14 of the most common decorating styles, including key decor pieces, where to shop for each one, and Pinterest boards full of inspirational spaces for each style. (A $70 value)
  • Includes 31 printable worksheets to help you actually decorate your home one step at a time. (A $60 value)
  • And 12 bonus guides, cheat sheets & checklists filled with the design
    measurements you need to know, sample floor plans, gallery wall templates, paint color combos you can steal, and more. (A $60 value)
  • Best of all, you'll get the support, know-how, and motivation you need to begin creating a home you'll love!

Still not quite ready?

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How to decorate a room you'll love in 5 simple steps